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New generation Hybrid Spray Paint specially designed for graffiti. This spray is perfect for painting with a large flow rate, excellent coverage and very fast drying. Ideal for Bombing. Perfect to make Flares.


Matt Color
 High Output
Clean Stroke
High Coverage
Great grip power – Fast Dry
Low clog ratio
High Quality Resins/Pigments resistant to UV radiation
Very silent spray when painting
Extraordinary Control + Versatility
Great hardness of the paint
Stock Cap: Medium Cap


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Black Matt AKA310

White Matt AKA311

Light Yellow AKA320

Sulphurous Yellow AKA321

Sulfur Yellow AKA322

Sandstone Brown AKA372

Fire Orange AKA340

Ker Orange AKA341

Van Gogh Red AKA346

Near Red AKA347

Strawberry Red AKA342

Direct Red AKA343

Quartz Pink AKA344

Topaz Pink AKA348

Raspberry Red AKA345

Magic Violet AKA390

Europe Violet AKA391

Chrysantemum Purple AKA380

Repúblic Purple AKA381

Clear Blue AKA350

Nitrile Blue AKA351

Light Blue AKA352

CuSO4 Blue AKA353

Cyan Blue AKA354

Caribbean Blue AKA355

Jade Green AKA332

Intense Green AKA333

Hope Green AKA334

Broccoli Green AKA335

Venus Green AKA330

Imperial Green AKA331

Light Grey AKA360

Pyrite Grey AKA361

Gun Metal Grey AKA363

Anthracite Grey AKA362

Shadow Grey AKA364

Reddish Brown AKA371

Dark Brown AKA370