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New generation Hybrid Spray Paint specially designed for graffiti. This spray is perfect for painting with total precision, clean stroke, great coverage and low pressure.

WRITER Series - A.K.A Colors


Matt Color
Low Pressure
Clean Stroke
High Coverage
Great grip power
Fast Dry
Low clog ratio
 High Quality Resins/Pigments resistant to UV radiation
 Very silent spray when painting
Extraordinary Control + Versatility
Great hardness of the paint
 Stock Cap: Universal Cap


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Black Matt AKA100

White Matt AKA101

Light Yellow AKA111

Paella Yellow AKA112

Sulphurous Yellow AKA113

Sulfur Yellow AKA114

Solar Yellow AKA115

Vibrant Yellow AKA116

Clear Brown AKA220

Light Brown AKA221

Sandstone Brown AKA222

Castile Brown AKA223

Sahara Brown AKA224

Paperboard Brown AKA225

Light Orange AKA140

Autumnak Orange AKA141

Tangerine Orange AKA142

Fire Orange AKA143

Ker Orange AKA144

Cornelian Orange AKA145

Pure Orange AKA146

Spectrum Red AKA170

Lucky Red AKA171

Van Gogh Red AKA172

Off Red AKA173

Clay Red AKA174

Near Red AKA175

Mars Red AKA176

Light Red AKA150

Pastel Red AKA151

Strawberry Red AKA152

Fire Red AKA153

Kimura Red AKA154

Direct Red AKA155

Quartz Pink AKA160

Gum Pink AKA161

Topaz Pink AKA162

Raspberry Red AKA163

Summer Red AKA164

Gore Red AKA165

Garnet Red AKA166

Light Violet AKA210

Magic Violet AKA211

Sigma Violet AKA212

Triumph Violet AKA213

Europe Violet AKA214

Dark Violet AKA215

Light Purple AKA200

Chrysanthemum Purple AKA201

Plati(ADN) Purple AKA202

Republic Purple AKA203

Amethyst Purple AKA204

Light Blue AKA180

Mediterranean Blue AKA181

Clear Blue AKA182

Turia Blue AKA183

Nitrile Blue AKA184

Cobalt Blue AKA185

CuSO4 Blue AKA186

Overseas Blue AKA187

Deep Blue AKA188

Turquoise Blue AKA240

Cyan Blue AKA241

NGS Blue AKA242

Caribbean Blue AKA243

Hydro Blue AKA244

Greenish Blue AKA245

Tourmaline Green AKA130

Jade Green AKA131

Jungle Green AKA132

Greenland Green AKA133

Broccoli Green AKA134

Chlorophyll Green AKA135

Malachite Green AKA136

Intense Green AKA137

Albufera Green AKA138

Valencia Green AKA139

Hope Green AKA120

Grass Green AKA121

Venus Green AKA122

Spring Green AKA123

Emerald Green AKA124

Imperial Green AKA125

Olive Green AKA126

Light Grey AKA190

Cement Grey AKA191

Marcasite Grey AKA192

Galena Grey AKA193

Pyrite Grey AKA194

Gun Metal Grey AKA195

Anthracite Grey AKA196

Wintry Grey AKA197

Shadow Grey AKA198

Eternal Grey AKA199

Rusty Brown AKA226

Jupiter Brown AKA227

Goldmine Brown AKA228

Fertile Brown AKA229

Reddish Brown AKA230

Ebony Brown AKA231

Dark Brown AKA232